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15" Taper Candle Pair

Warm the Night with Candlelight
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Product Details

Elevate your ambiance with Patrician Taper Candles!

This elegant set features two hand-dipped Patrician taper candles, each measuring 15 inches tall. Available in a range of captivating colors to suit your mood: fiery orange, warm autumn yellow, crisp white, or regal purple.

  • Long-lasting burn: Patrician taper candles are crafted for extended enjoyment, adding a warm glow to your space for hours.
  • Clean and dripless: Experience minimal mess with these dripless candles.
  • Hand-dipped quality: Each taper is meticulously hand-dipped for a touch of artisan charm.
  • Vivid color options: Choose from classic white or a vibrant pop of color - orange, autumn yellow, or purple - to complement your décor.

Set the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner, elevate your tablescape, or create a relaxing atmosphere. Patrician taper candles are a versatile and sophisticated addition to any home.

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