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I am Bentley, Director of Paw-sitive Customer Relations at Plattsburgh Flower Market.  If you'd like to read about my personal history, see below.

My Story

Meet Bentley, the Director of Paw-sitive Customer Relations at Plattsburgh Flower Market. Born in 2021 in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, Bentley is a beautiful and rambunctious Samoyed with a heart of gold. His boundless energy and spunk make him an essential part of the team, and he loves nothing more than greeting customers as they walk into the shop.

Despite his youthful exuberance, Bentley takes his role as Director of Paw-sitive Customer Relations very seriously. He knows that a friendly smile and a wag of the tail can go a long way in making customers feel welcome and valued. Bentley is always ready to lend a paw, whether it's helping customers find the perfect bouquet or simply brightening up their day with his infectious personality.

Bentley's love of people extends even to the mailman, whom he considers his dear friends. Whenever he hears the mail truck pull up outside the shop, he is excited to greet his beloved postman with tail wags and enthusiastic barks.

When Bentley isn't busy spreading joy and happiness at Plattsburgh Flower Market, he loves to spend his free time playing fetch, exploring the great outdoors, and snuggling up with his favorite humans. He is a beloved member of the team and a cherished companion to all who know him.

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