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Peruvian Lily Vase

Long Lasting Cut Flower - Alstroemeria
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Product Details

Discover the enchanting Peruvian Lily Vase, a stunning assortment of long-lasting lilies artfully arranged in a clear glass vase. Delicate petals and vibrant colors captivate the eye, while a coordinating ribbon adds a touch of elegance. Perfect for any occasion or space, this graceful arrangement brings enduring beauty to your home or makes a cherished gift for loved ones.

Colors will vary.

In certain cases, our photograph may depict a general theme or aesthetic and feature a unique vase that cannot be duplicated exactly.
While the actual bouquet may not perfectly match the image, its overall character will. From time to time, substitutions of flowers and/or containers may occur due to factors like weather, seasonal availability, and market conditions. These variables can affect product availability. In such instances with the gift you've chosen, we guarantee that we will maintain the style, theme, and color scheme of your arrangement and will only substitute items of equal or greater value.
If specific design elements are crucial for your order, please include them in the florist instructions during checkout or get in touch with us to confirm their availability.
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